Ezl is the worlds' thinnest phone stand.
It also makes holding your phone easier and safer

Perfect for Zoom, Facetime and Skype calls.


Ezl sticks direct to any phone or case, and can be easily moved whenever you change either.


Ezl makes holding your phone surprisingly comfortable - and more secure. Try it!


Ezl weighs only 6g - about the same as an A4 sheet of paper!


Being only 2mm thin and having no metal parts, it won’t interfere with wireless chargers.

So thin you’ll hardly know it’s there

2mm thin, and weighs no more than a sheet of paper!

Hold your phone
Stand your phone
Pocket friendly


All orders received before 3.30pm are sent out the same day.

Prices include free postage worldwide.

Spend more than £20 and get 15% off your whole order.

Spare sticky pads

We sell spare sticky pads for when you want to move your Ezl to a new phone or case.